Is Returning to Yard Work or Exercise Causing You Pain?

With the start of Summer, many of us have continued to work in our yards – planting, digging, mulching, trimming and mowing grass. Unfortunately, these activities can result in pain and movement dysfunctions that can persist and limit the activities that you enjoy or just need to perform. Let us help you get comfortable again and teach you proper lifting techniques and body mechanics to prevent this problem from recurring so you can have a great summer.

The Summer weather also encourages us to get involved with outdoor exercise such as sports or a walking or running program. If your fitness activity has caused you to develop a nagging problem that makes you modify or stop your exercise, please call us today to help you feel better and get back to your program. Tennis players and golfers tend to wait to seek treatment until their symptoms are greatly limiting their performance or making them stop. Let us help you stay in your game.

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