Shoulder condition



The shoulder is a special “ball and socket” joint which by design allows for much mobility in multiple directions but has limited stability.  The bone in the upper arm is called the humerus and at the top end of the humerus, there is a partial ball called the humeral...

Sleep and Healing

Sleep and Healing

Sleep is vital to all our body systems.  Making sure that you are getting a good night's sleep is very helpful in assisting your body to heal from injury or surgery.  Sleep is an important part of our physiology and is often an overlooked piece of the puzzle while you...

Frozen Shoulder:  “Unthawing” this condition

Frozen Shoulder: “Unthawing” this condition

Frozen Shoulder:  “Unthawing” this Disorder Most people have heard of this mysterious disorder of the shoulder joint but do not understand what it is.  The therapists at OPTSP are very familiar with patients who are dealing with this condition and the joint stiffness,...

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