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Are You in Pain? Consider a Movement Detective

Sep 30, 2020


Physical Therapists:  The Movement Detectives

It may feel like a great mystery to you on why you are hurting or how your body is not moving like it used to be able to do.  Perhaps a simple task seemed to launch you into pain. Perhaps you have headaches after working at your desk or your shoulder tells you it hurts lifting something you have been able to lift for years – just not right now for some reason.  If you are in pain and you wish it would go away and you have tried over the counter solutions without response and resting without response, then it is time to go to a movement specialist and that medical professional is a physical therapist.

Optimal Physical Therapy and Sports Performance has several of these medically trained healthcare providers who specialize in musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries and disorders.  Your body is a well designed movement machine but it can break down periodically and it can shift so that the original body frame is not like it used to be.  Age, poor postural habits, poor body mechanics, injury and some disease states can rob our bodies of the full pain free motion we are designed to have.   Physical Therapists are THE professionals who study human movement, anatomy (not just the neck and spine), injuries, disease states and all the treatments and proper rehabilitative exercises needed to put pain free function back into your life.  AND we know how to modify treatment s for special conditions because it is an integral part of our training.  It is never a one size fits all treatment with a good physical therapist.  We address all patients at the intersection of real life and medical musculoskeletal health/injury/disease.

Physical Therapy is a front line treatment for any one in pain.  Research has shown that physical therapy is more cost effective than medication and surgery for many conditions. Exercise is a form of medicine. It may be a mystery to you on why you are hurting or cannot move correctly but it is unlikely to be a mystery to a good physical therapist.  Call us if you can’t solve the mystery to your pain!!  724-779-1300

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