My experience at Optimal Physical Therapy could not have been better. I had rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery. I was very concerned about continuing my active lifestyle. I’m happy to report that I have resumed weight lifting, running, golfing and rough-housing with my grandsons. This group of professionals did a wonderful job getting me back into those activities. I feel 100% with full mobility and no pain. I’ve been to 3 other therapy offices and never felt like I was anything but a number. The Optimal family enjoy working together and made me feel like I was part of the family. Professionals from the start and my results are much more than I expected. Thanks to all of you!

My experience at Optimal Physical Therapy has been very rewarding. I am very pleased with my progress and improvement. The staff is the most capable that I have ever experienced. They are also very caring. It’s like being with your family. Every patient I spoke with throughout my treatment here expressed my feelings, that this has been our best experience, since most of us have had prior treatment at other clinics. Those clinics did not measure up to the high standards of Optimal Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. I have looked forward to each visit because the therapists have made this such a pleasant experience.

I am extremely pleased with the results and experience provided by Optimal Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. I have sufficiently recovered mobility and strength after shoulder rotator cuff surgery to resume al my regular activities. Everyone at Optimal PT is professional, caring and importantly, fun to be with. They have created an environment that is very comfortable for their clients. My previous experiences with other therapist were not nearly as positive for me as I felt they were very impersonal and just going through the motions. I highly recommend Optimal PT and Sports Performance.

After receiving physical therapy at another facility I was referred to Optimal PT. I had many concerns because of former PT. I cannot say enough good things about how I was treated and the genuine concern for me that I was given. The staff was so involved and attitude of all was great. Encouragement was emphasized which is a big part of healing. Respect was always given and always paid attention to what I had to say that was going on. I have recommended people here because of the care that I received and watched that was given to everyone. Great job!

With 2 limiting conditions, a torn rotator cuff and arthritis in my neck, I was limited in my ability to perform daily routine tasks and hobbies without experiencing pain. Although I went to another local physical therapist, I was unable to find relief of both my shoulder and neck pain. Transferring to Optimal Physical Therapy has provided me with renewed strength and endurance in a fairly short amount of time. Their expertise in providing me with a personalized treatment plan has made the world of difference in my health and well-being. Thanks.

What an amazing difference Optimal Therapy has made in my life! Before coming here I would be going to the chiropractor at the least every 2 weeks for pain management. Even the most simplest tasks – sitting, gardening, sports – caused me to be on my back & on meds. I came here for 1 month and now I can wrestle with my kids! I haven’t been to the chiropractor in over a month and I feel great. Now I have a life-long plan to stay pain-free and I can’t thank them enough. They are wonderful and I would recommend Optimal Therapy to everyone who experiences chronic back pain. Thanks!

Prior to my treatment at Optimal Physical Therapy (5 weeks ago), I was experiencing pain in my neck and strong tingling down both arms and into my hands. Even though I was visiting a chiropractor every three weeks for maintenance, these symptoms appeared. An MRI and my neurosurgeon said arthritis and bone spurs were in my neck. My experience with Optimal Physical Therapy has only been positive. In the last 5 weeks, I have become pain free and I have been able to return to playing tennis. I feel stronger than I ever have and I am thrilled I have a workout program that will let me be as active as I want.

I was referred to Optimal Physical Therapy and Sports Performance by a family member who received treatment from them. I am very thankful for this recommendation. Over the last several years I have experienced a lot of neck pain which would almost always lead to a migraine. Once a migraine had set in, I would not be able to complete any of my daily tasks. Prior to coming to this office, I sought treatment at 2 chiropractors’ offices. I would receive temporary relief but my symptoms would always return. However, after receiving treatment at Optimal PT, I can say with great relief that I am not getting anymore migraines. I highly recommend their services and all of the staff are very friendly and extremely professional.

I am a 50ish ex-jock who has undergone 8 orthopedic surgeries. The physical therapy that I received at Optimal PT far exceeded all the others. Pat and his team crafted a challenging regime for me and took the time to explain the purpose of each exercise. I would not hesitate to recommend Optimal PT for any person and any injury.

I came to Optimal Physical Therapy after receiving treatment at another physical therapy facility and was both amazed and relieved at the difference. I was being treated for a possible pinched nerve in my neck and after my first treatment at Optimal I had hours of pain relief for the first time in weeks. I was also looking for one on one treatment from a professional therapist instead of being handed off to a lackey in a room down the hall and being forgotten.

All in all I had a great experience at Optimal and will and have recommended them to anyone I know with an injury.

When I first arrived at Optimal PT I had unbearable pain in my left scapula area. Pain relief with Advil and prescribed medications just weren’t working. My PT did a thorough assessment of my condition. Not only do I have a genetic back problem but the scapula pain made it worse. I was given a personalized PT program that consisted of exercises and strength training to help my condition. Every week I saw improvement. I couldn’t lift my arms beyond my waist when I came to Optimal now I can lift my arms over my head. It’s amazing to not be in level 8-9 pain! I’ve had prior experience at other rehab / PT facilities and Optimal, by far, is the BEST in the region! The PT program helped me tremendously and I will continue with the personalized exercise and strength training program. I would recommend Optimal PT to anyone with physical therapy needs.

After spinal stenosis surgery I went to Optimal Physical Therapy. In a matter of four weeks, the tightness related to surgery was reduced substantially and allowed me to return to doing the basic things in life I had not been able to perform for several months. I had been to other therapy offices on 2 other occasions, but did not receive the same level of quality therapy I received at Optimal. The therapists at Optimal Physical Therapy are truly Masters of their profession, working tirelessly for the best possible results. In addition, those who work in this office are quality people who educate, encourage and inspire their patients to do the best for themselves. These people and my surgeon made a very tying experience as tolerable and rewarding as possible.

My experience here at Optimal was wonderful. I came in experiencing neck and upper right sided back pain which started after a few weekends of painting ceilings at home. I did try going to a chiropractor a few times which didn’t help at all. After seeing my physician I started coming for physical therapy. The improvement was almost immediate! I would highly recommend – and have already – to anyone who needs physical therapy to come to Optimal. My daughter was a patient here approximately 1 year ago and also had a great experience. Thanks to all of you for a great experience.

Symptoms were dizziness, nausea, vertigo and headache. After 4 sessions I improved 100%. All therapists were very good.

My son has had problems with his ankle for years. Any sports he played he was always being taken off the field (court) for the pain he was feeling made it hard to run, or walk for that matter. No matter what he did swimming, biking or just playing with friends had him in tears by the end of the day. The doctor said he had Sever’s disease, put him in a cast for a month then a boot. We then came to Optimal PT and wow what a difference. My child is running and playing hard with little or no pain. It has been so long since he has been able to do these things. I am so thankful for Optimal and the help they have given to my son.

All the staff made you feel you were important. One on one attention to help you get better. Therapy was #1 having been to other rehab.

After ankle fracture and surgery, I came to Optimal Physical Therapy. My therapist was results-oriented as she formulated a personal physical therapy program for me while she monitored my progress. I can now do regular yard work, play golf and continue my daily walking program. I would recommend OPTSP to anyone who wants an effective physical therapy program built around qualified, dedicated and sensitive people.

When I first arrived I had pain I my right shoulder due to surgery. The therapists here were very friendly and compassionate. They knew exactly what exercises to do to relieve my pain as quickly as possible. The atmosphere is relaxing all the while as professional as can be. In a few weeks my pain was relieved and the movement in my shoulder was greatly improved. They sent me home with exercises to maintain the level I have achieved. I know if I ever need therapy again I will definitely come back to Optimal PT and recommend them to anyone who needs therapy.

Before attending OPT I have had severe pain and not much use of my right arm. The treatments and care that I have received has been a remarkable success. The staff has shown great knowledge of my problem and treated it well. They at OPT are very personal with a family type atmosphere, fun and yet the get the job done. I would strongly recommend them. Thanks OPT.

I had been dealing with neck pain for about a year. I was referred to Optimal Physical Therapy by a friend. The staff was very professional and extremely gentle. My exercises were explained very well with easy to follow written directions. I am now able to do all the things I used to do without pain.


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