Sports Performance Enhancement

Sports Performance Enhancement

Tired of spending hours at the range only to make minor improvements?   Tried lessons, but they only got you so far? Done spending hundreds of dollars on swing trainers and other gadgets?   We can help.

Golf Enhancement

“I would have never made it without Pat Sheehy’s program.”

-Roy Vucinich, PGA professional and Champion’s tour player.

The Golf Enhancement Program, conducted by Pat Sheehy, has helped 13 PGA pros, amateurs and avid golfers alike cut strokes from their game and drop their handicap. And, it can help you, if you’re ready to take your game to the next level.

The Golf Enhancement Program specializes in detecting and correcting the physical limitations that are causing your golf swing compensations. By enhancing your golf-specific flexibility, strength, balance and posture, and incorporating muscle-memory techniques, we can help you increase distance, accuracy and consistency.

Contact us and inquire about our proven results and the average decrease in our clients’ handicaps.  In-season and off-season programs are available and have shown the same final results.

To register for this program, or to learn more about our proven results and how we can help you, call us at 724-779-1300.

Thrower’s Program

We specialize in creating flexibility and strengthening programs to enhance the throwing motion and endurance.  This leads to better throwing mechanics, improved throwing velocity and control as well as reducing injuries.