Physical Therapy

Direct Access to Physical Therapy:

The physical therapists at Optimal PT have taken additional training to be Direct Access Certified. This allows us to evaluate and treat patients without a physician’s prescription. Most of the insurances in our area do not require you to have a prescription to come to us. We are always willing to share our findings with your doctor. Please call us today for an appointment.


Orthopedic conditions are often a result of overuse syndromes, trauma or disease processes that affect the body’s musculoskeletal system.   These injuries primarily involve damage to bones, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and tendons.   Our expertise in using advanced biomechanical evaluation techniques coupled with the application of therapeutic   principles enables us to intervene with individualized treatment plans.   The treatment can include the use of specialized therapeutic modalities and “hands-on” manual therapy to alleviate discomfort and normalize motion.   The use of a customized exercise program will restore your flexibility, strength and endurance to promote a return to your highest level of function while minimizing symptom recurrences.   We strongly emphasize patient education and home exercise programs to help you understand your problem and how you can be actively involved with improving it.

Neurologic Conditions

Conditions involving the neurologic system of the body can be the result of disease or trauma.   Our knowledge and understanding of neurologic body systems enhances our ability to make appropriate therapeutic decisions for treatment intervention.   Stroke, brain injury, neurologic disease diagnoses and balance disorders can respond well to our therapeutic treatments to permit maximal function, set realistic goals and maintain healthy life practices.

Sports Medicine

Sports-related injuries can occur to athletes of all levels … professionals, amateurs and weekend warriors.   We will work to implement appropriate therapeutic treatments that expedite a safe return to the game while considering the long-term health of the athlete.   However, Sports Medicine isn’t just for the injured athlete.   We have programs designed to enhance athletic performance by improving sport-specific speed, agility, strength, power and balance by exploring and increasing your body’s sport-specific potential.

Occupational Medicine

For maximum benefit, we believe work-related injuries need to be evaluated and have treatment initiated as soon as the physician prescribes them.   Our goal is to use proven therapeutic interventions to alleviate the symptoms and restore musculoskeletal function with consideration for tolerance to the specific physical work requirements.   We want to return people to their job duties as quickly as possible while considering the injured workers’ safety.   Plus, we can assist employers with assembling a panel of healthcare providers that will have a similar philosophy of expediting a safe return to work.