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Unexpected Sources of Pain

Mar 18, 2016

Here are some strange but true sources of pain that may not be obvious. If you are suffering from discomfort but just cannot seem to pinpoint what is causing it, consider some of these potential culprits.

Our choice of wardrobe:
Paying attention to what we choose to wear can have an influence on how we feel. Let’s think about shoes first. Most women can attest to the fact that high heels are known to be uncomfortable but flip-flops/sandals can be problematic too. This type of footwear offers no arch support and can lead to conditions like plantar fasciitis, ankle and knee pain. Save this type of footwear for the beach or in limited time frames. It really is best to have some arch support for everyday use.

Watch that wallet-where you keep it that is. Most men like to keep their wallet in one of their back pants pockets. This location however can contribute to back or leg pain. From a seated position, the wallet placement can place unnecessary pressure on the sciatic nerve which can lead to sciatica. The easiest solution is to remove the wallet while driving – especially long distances- or when taking a seat.

Tight fitting pants or belts, wearing a phone in a front hip pocket or taking a long bike trip while bent over the handle bars for a long period of time can cause pain in the front and side of the upper thigh. This can sometimes be mistaken for a back nerve root problem but it is actually a sensory nerve impingement syndrome. Monitor anything that may be constricting where your leg meets your body.

Being a weekend warrior
It has been a long hard week with barely time to think but this weekend you are going to tackle the garage or yard work or do that local walk-a-thon. Be aware that muscles that have been more sedentary during the week may not be prepared for the level of activity you have planned for the weekend. Stretch your muscles and do some exercise during the week so that your body is able to take on greater strain when needed.

Workplace culprits
If you have a desk job, your workstation where you spend many hours may create postural issues or improper work areas that can lead to neck strain, carpal tunnel, headaches, or eye strain. Adjust your chair so you can sit upright while your feet are flat on the floor and make sure your computer screen is at eye level. Your wrists should be supported at the keyboard by a wrist pad. Take periodic breaks every 30 minutes to get up for a drink of water or do a few stretches and walk.

Optimal Physical Therapy and Sports Performance hopes this information has been helpful to you.  If you are suffering from pain and need relief, call us at 724-779-1300.  We are all about putting your life back into motion!!!!!!

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